Team Coordinators

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Each club has a dedicated Club Coordinator who works hard to promote Ironwood Cup play at her club and provide a fair test of golf on her Hosting Day. The Ironwood Cup Executive chair until April 2021 is Joan Rietz of Highlands at Dove Mountain.

Revised 20-21 Rep Names and Details

The Highlands at Dove Mountain – Host Date Tuesday, 11/24 8:00a.m.
Carlene Rogers, Co-Rep: 520-579-2585;
Leslie Sabey, Co Rep: 720-933-4341;
Joey Moraga – Tourn Coord.  520-579-7000 
Make checks out to: “The Highlands at Dove Mountain

Mountain View/The Preserve  
Carolyn Harville, Rep: 928-301-7393;
Matt Hudson – Director of Golf  520-825-9022;  
Mike Karpe – PGA Professional 520-825-9022; 
Make checks out to: “SBHOA2

Arizona National  – Host Date Thursday 12/17 8:30a.m.
Kathie Bannister, Rep: 520-271-5114; 

Colleen Reeve, Ass’t Rep: 314-712-3504;   
Bernie Eaton – General Manager 520-749-4089  
Make checks out to:  “Arizona National Golf Club

The Golf Club at Dove Mountain  
Deborah Donchess, Rep: 225-235-3499;
Carol Pierce, Ass’t Rep: 360-731-0325
Jake Hermes – Pro  520-572-3500; 
Make checks out to: “The Golf Club at Dove Mountain

Starr Pass  
Judy Mielcarek, Rep:  414-305-7858;

Todd Howard – Pro    520-791-6275;
Make checks out to:  “Starr Pass Golf Club

Skyline Country Club  
Suzette Colley, Rep: 520-248-8065;
Chris Dompier – Pro     520-299-0464; 
Make checks out to: “Skyline Country Club

The Gallery  –  Host Date Tuesday, 4/13 8:30a.m.
Jill Nystedt, Co-Rep:  612-251-9855; 
Pam Heidinger, Co-Rep: 520-241-2742;
Josh Wilks – Director of Golf  520-579-4117;
Make checks out to:  “The Gallery Golf Club