Team Coordinators

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Each club has a dedicated Club Coordinator who works hard to promote Ironwood Cup play at her club and provide a fair test of golf on her Hosting Day. The Ironwood Cup Executive chair until April 2021 is Joan Rietz of Highlands at Dove Mountain.

Coordinators and Contact Information

The Highlands at Dove Mountain – Host Date Tuesday, 11/24 8:00a.m.
Carlene Rogers, Co-Rep: 520-579-2585;
Leslie Sabey, Co Rep: 720-933-4341;
Joey Moraga – Tourn Coord.  520-579-7000 
Make checks out to: “The Highlands at Dove Mountain

Mountain View/The Preserve  – Host Date Wednesday, 12/2 8:30 a.m.
Carolyn Harville, Rep: 928-301-7393;
Matt Hudson – Director of Golf  520-825-9022;  
Mike Karpe – PGA Professional 520-825-9022; 
Make checks out to: “SBHOA2

Arizona National  – Host Date Thursday 12/17 8:30a.m.
Kathie Bannister, Rep: 520-271-5114; 

Colleen Reeve, Ass’t Rep: 314-712-3504;   
Bernie Eaton – General Manager 520-749-4089  
Make checks out to:  “Arizona National Golf Club

The Golf Club at Dove Mountain  –  Host Date Tuesday 1/12 8:30a.m.
Deborah Donchess, Rep: 225-235-3499;
Carol Pierce, Ass’t Rep: 360-731-0325
Jake Hermes – Pro  520-572-3500; 
Make checks out to: “The Golf Club at Dove Mountain

Starr Pass  – Host Date Monday, 2/8  8:30a.m.
Judy Mielcarek, Rep:  414-305-7858;

Todd Howard – Pro    520-791-6275;
Make checks out to:  “Starr Pass Golf Club

Skyline Country Club  – Host Date Wednesday, 3/24  9:00a.m.
Suzette Colley, Rep: 520-248-8065;
Chris Dompier – Pro     520-299-0464; 
Make checks out to: “Skyline Country Club

The Gallery  –  Host Date Tuesday, 4/13 8:30a.m.
Jill Nystedt, Co-Rep:  612-251-9855; 
Pam Heidinger, Co-Rep: 520-241-2742;
Jon Morgan – Director of Golf  520-579-4117;
Make checks out to:  “The Gallery Golf Club