Bylaws & Standing Rules

ByLaws for Ironwood Cup  (also see Standing Rules below)


The basic objective of the Ironwood Cup is to promote fellowship, to make new friends and to meet golfers from other clubs in the Tucson area.  To achieve this goal, all clubs will include lady golfers of all ages and with different ability levels using ranges outlined in Sec. G-3. 

A.        CHAIR:  The Chair serves for two years.  The Vice Chair is from the next club in the rotation.  The rotation is as follows:  The Gallery, The Highlands at Dove Mountain, Starr Pass, Arizona National, Skyline Country Club, MountainView/The Preserve, The Golf Club at Dove Mountain.  
Chair Responsibilities:
1.         Communicates with each club to establish play dates and tee times for the tournament season and provides this information to all  Team Coordinators and Golf Professionals.  This schedule is usually finalized at the end of the tournament season at a formal meeting of current and/or succeeding Coordinators.

2.         Notifies all Team Coordinators and Golf Professionals of  changes in  rules and regulations and Ironwood Bylaws and Standing Rules.
3.         Meets with Team Coordinators at the end of the playing season.  At the discretion of the Chair, she may schedule additional meetings.
4.         Meets with the golf pro at her club to decide team matches for the upcoming Ironwood Cup season.
5.         Administrative Fee Fund is held by the Chair to handle miscellaneous administrative costs.  If an assessment becomes necessary, the Chair will notify each Team Coordinator.

B.        VICE-CHAIR: 
The Vice Chair will be represented by the next club in the rotation schedule and will assume the Chair position at the end of her two-year term.  She shares duties and responsibilities with the Chair and carries out tasks as requested.

1.         Two to three weeks prior to the Ironwood Tournament, Host Team Coordinator provides the Team Coordinators the directions to her club, verifies time of shotgun start, and indicates the date by which she needs to receive players’ names and indexes.
2.         Acknowledges to Team Coordinators receipt of their list of players with indexes. 

3.         Provides the list of players with their indexes to the Host Golf Professional.
4.         On tournament day provides a check-in area with score cards, pairings sheet and local rules sheet if applicable.
5.         Informs her club’s Golf Professional of the amount available for merchandise certificates. If the certificates cannot be given out on the day of play, they will be mailed to club Team Coordinators or Golf Professionals for distribution.

6.          Informs Club’s Golf Professional of the INDEX LIMITATIONS for each flight and the rules that apply if a Player’s INDEX is BELOW the Flight Minimum or above the flight Maximum.
      a.Team Coordinator or Host Club may NOT change the Index Date specified on the Tournament Date Form.
      b.Responsible for Checking and Verifying the INDEXES and CARDS completed by the Pro Shop.

      c.Host Club Coordinator shall send final index and course handicap to each Team Coordinator via email prior to the day’s competition.
7.          Within a few days after hosting the Ironwood Cup, the Host Team Coordinator informs all Team Coordinators and Golf Professionals the results of the matches including the points won by each club on the standardized scoresheets. Score cards MUST BE given to the Ironwood Cup Chairperson by the next match. 

D.        TEAM COORDINATOR:  Each club must have a Team Coordinator.  Her responsibilities are: 

1.         Attends the Chairperson’s meetings or sends a representative to the meeting.

2.         Assembles her club’s team for each event.

3.         Informs her team of play dates, times, entry fee, rules and directions to the host club.

4.       Sends the names of players on her team and their USGA indexes (index date will be indicated on the Ironwood Cup Tournament Date sheet) to the Host Team Coordinator by the date requested by the Host Team Coordinator.  Every effort should be made to assign players within the established flight index limits.  Refer to Bylaw G3.

5.         Ensures that one check for her team is given to Host Club the day of tournament.

6.         Verify correctness of Team Scorecards before the start of play. 

1.         After receiving names of players with their indexes from the Host Team Coordinator, the Host Golf Professional arranges for the preparation of cart signs, scorecards with names, handicaps and appropriate strokes, and pairings sheets for the check-in table.

2.         Prepares gift certificates to be awarded to the winners after the match.  Pro Shop certificates should be ready to be used immediately after play.

3.         Provides a Team Standings Board at the tournament showing accumulated team points.

4.         Sends check for Administrative Fee (if requested) to the Chairperson of Ironwood Cup to be held in an account at her club if applicable.  (Address is on the Team Coordinator page of the web site.)

5.         If a problem arises before or during the match, the Host Club Professional will make a ruling.

6.         Host Club Professional will determine if play should cease because of inclement weather and if it can be resumed that day.  

F.         DECISIONS:
1.         A panel of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and past Chairperson will convene at the discretion of the Chairperson whenever problems occur that are not covered by the Bylaws.            

1.MEMBERSHIP:  The Ironwood Cup shall consist of an uneven number of clubs, with a maximum of seven (7) clubs.  The host club does not play in the match they are hosting.

          a.In the Event of a CLUB’S resignation and a replacement Club cannot be found &/or Placed under contract resulting in an even number of Clubs, the Host Club will play in the match it is hosting.

          b.No CLUB having participated in the Ironwood Cup for less then two years and who resigned will be considered as a replacement.
2.         TOTAL PLAYERS:  All events will consist of not more than six (6) players from  each club:  two (2) players for each of the three (3) flights.  One player may represent a team.

3.         INDEX:  There will be a maximum index limit of 30.0.    There will be three (3) flights:

                        a.         ‘A’ Flight:  0-16.4 indexes    

                        b.         ‘B’ Flight:  16.5 to 22.5 indexes

                        c.         ‘C’ Flight:  22.6 to 30 indexes

If a player has a higher index than the index for the flight she is playing in, the player will be assigned the maximum index for that flight.  Example:  In the “A” flight, a 20.0 index player would be assigned a 16.4 index and so forth. If a player has a lower index than the index for the flight she is playing in, she will play at her index.  Example:  15.0 index player playing in the “B” flight (16.5 to 22.5) would play at her 15.0 index.  Players shall be paired in INDEX order. 
4.         CUT-OFF DATES FOR INDEXES:  The cut-off dates for the USGA Handicap indexes to be used for each tournament will be determined prior to the start of the season and will be indicated on the Ironwood Cup Schedule sheet.
5.         FORMAT:  Four-ball match play, playing strokes off the LOWEST HANDICAP in the foursome.  Eighteen (18) total points are contested in each match.   Lowest NET score wins the hole receiving one (1) point for that team.  If tied, a ½ point is scored for each team.  (Points for each foursome must total 18 at end of play).  In the event of a tie in a flight, a scorecard playoff will be used to break the tie.               The method used would be as follows:  the TOTAL back nine points won.  If still tied, then the points  won on the LAST six holes on back nine; then points won on the LAST three holes on back nine; then the points won on the 18th hole; then begin with the #1 handicap hole and continue till tie is broken.  

6.         TEES:  Each club may set tees at the Golf Professional’s discretion, with a minimum of 5,000 yards.  Tee boxes should be user-friendly for all levels of players, with a recommended carry of no more than 100 yards. Tees must be approved course rated tees as specified by AWGA and listed in the AWGA handicap system.

      a.         Host Club Professional or Host Team Coordinator will call all other Golf Professionals as early as possible to cancel if the course is too wet to play.

      b.         Host Club Professional will determine if play should cease during inclement weather and if play can be resumed that day.
      c.         For scoring purposes, if tournament cannot be resumed that day or rescheduled, the holes not completed will be halved between the foursomes in order to determine that day’s points.  No award monies will be given if play is cancelled with less than 18 holes played; the prize fund portion of the entry fee will be refunded.
      d.         There will be no refund for greens fees and/or carts if play is cancelled after starting.  There will be no refund for lunches if facility is unable to cancel lunch.

      a.         If a team does not arrive for play, their opponent, for scoring purposes, must play against par for the course using 90% of their handicap.  Using one net better-ball, one point will be awarded for beating par and a ½ point for a tie.
      b.         The total points of the playing team will be used to compete for prize monies within its flight, but the playing team cannot be awarded more points than the highest number of points won by any other team in their flight.  Those points will be applied to the cumulative overall team total for the Ironwood trophy. (Example:  The uncontested team scores 14 points against the course (par) using ninety percent (90%) of their course handicaps.  Currently this team is in first place in that flight.  The second place team (who played an actual opponent) scores 11 points.  The first place team in this flight will only be able to contribute 11 points to her Club for this match toward the Ironwood Trophy total points)

      a.         If a Playing Club has members who cancel and for whom the Playing Club cannot find  replacements, the respective Playing Club must pay for the cost of those lunches in the  event the HOST CLUB is unable to cancel the lunches due to the lateness of the cancellations.
      b.         Each club must cover the prize fund ($17.50, each) for SIX players regardless of the number of players they actually send to play.

10.          PACE OF PLAY: 
      a.          For sake of pace of play, recommend a shotgun start with “C” flight followed by “B” and “A” flight from the same Clubs OR “A” flights, followed by “B”, then “C” flights.
      a.          The Ironwood Cup trophy (the Tuller Trophy) shall be awarded after the final Ironwood Cup match of the season.  The Club with the greatest number of total points at the end of the season will be awarded the trophy.  In the event of a tie after the final match of the season, the winner of the Ironwood Cup Trophy will be decided by a scorecard playoff going back to the match between the tied Clubs.  The process will be to compare Total POINTS in match AGAINST TIED CLUBS; THEN total POINTS on the back nine holes.  If still tied, compare total POINTS for the LAST six holes on the back nine.  If still tied, compare total POINTS for the LAST three holes on the back nine.  If still tied, compare the POINTS FOR THE 18TH Hole, THEN THE #1 HANDICAP HOLE, ETC. and continue till tie is broken (follows USGA rules).
      b.          Coordinators are to save the scorecards from the match play hosted at her Club.  Score cards are to be given to Ironwood Cup Chairperson by the next match.


      a.         Distance-only measuring devices and applications (as stipulated by the USGA) will be allowed during Ironwood Cup matches.  Any violation will be resolved in accordance with USGA Match Play Rules.

Standing Rules for Ironwood Cup  (also see ByLaws above)

Revised April 23, 2019

Player with Dual Memberships:

At the beginning of the Ironwood season, the player must commit to which club she will represent for the season.


Entry Fee:

$70.00/player; this includes green fees, cart fees, range balls, lunch (if applicable) and prizes.  If a club does not use all $70.00 for these expenses, the remaining money will be sent to the Chairperson to be held in the Ironwood Cup Administrative Fund.  (Address is on the current coordinators sheet).  Clubs are required to bring one check for their team’s Entry Fee.

Breakdown of the $70.00 Entry Fee:  $13.30 for prize money and $56.70 for cart fees, greens fees, lunch and everything else.

Payouts will be for 1st and 2nd place winners in each flight and will be awarded in merchandise certificates to host club’s golf shop as follows:

            1st Place –56% of prize money — $45 per player per flight ($270)

            2nd Place –44% of prize money — $35 per player per flight ($210)


Ties will be broken by scorecard playoff.  The method used will be back nine points won; if still tied, points won on back six holes; then points won on back three holes, etc., as stipulated in the Bylaws (follows USGA recommendations).


Pace of Play:

  1. A team that keeps their opponents waiting at the tee box more than 5 minutes loses the hole; both teams then move on to the next hole.  A team may be represented by one player (Rule 30-3) for all or any part of a match.  An absent partner may join a match between holes, but not during the play of a hole.
  2. If your ball WILL NOT count for the team (if you are out of the hole), PICK UP YOUR BALL TO SPEED THE PACE OF PLAY.  Post the score you most likely would have made on that hole, not to exceed your ESC (Equitable Score Control).
  3. When NET points have been decided on any hole, NO ADDITIONAL STROKES SHALL BE PLAYED on the completed hole. (Rule7-1)  Penalty: Loss of the next hole.
  4. You may be asked by the marshal to pick up your pace of play if your group is over the allotted time designated by the course and is 15 or more minutes behind the group ahead of you.  You get only two warnings regarding slow pace of play. The third time the marshal speaks to you regarding pace of play, your group will be told to skip the next hole and each side will be awarded a ½ point for the hole not played. For scoring purposes, post par plus any handicap strokes, you would have received for the skipped hole.



GPS Devices:

The use of GPS for distance only is allowed; however, it should not result in delay of play.  Sharing yardage with competitors is not considered giving advice.  Therefore, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, if asked, distance information is to be shared with other players.



  1. Both teams must agree on the points and scores.
  2. Both teams must sign and attest the scorecards.  (Each team has a master scorecard).
  3. Scores and points are verified by the Host Club Coordinator after the tournament to ensure that the scores, points and standings are accurate before prizes are awarded.


Host Club Coordinator:  (See Bylaws for additional duties)

  1. Provides a master scorecard for each two-man team.
  2. Provides marshal(s) to keep play moving.
  3. Recruits spotters from her club for appropriate holes to improve pace of play.
  4. Emails the Coordinators following the match:  1) Final Results sheet with the 36 scores and points earned and 2) the updated Standings Sheet. (See the Coordinator’s folder and web site for sample sheets to be used.)
  5. Saves the scorecards from the match play so in the event of a tie after the final match of the season, the winner of the Ironwood Cup Trophy will be decided by a scorecard playoff going back to the match between the two tied clubs.  (See Bylaw G. 10a) (Host Club Coordinator must bring the scorecards to the next Ironwood Cup Match and give the cards to the Ironwood Cup Coordinator who will keep the cards till the end of the season.)


Club Coordinator:  (See Bylaws for additional duties)

  1. Ensures that her players are educated in match play rules, procedures and etiquette of match play, i.e., when to pick up the ball on the putting green, when to concede a hole, how to score a hole not completed., etc.
  2. Ensures that all scores for match play are posted or to assign someone to post the scores.  Scores are NOT posted with a ‘T’.
  3.    Ensures that the saved scorecards are given to the Ironwood Cup Coordinator at the next scheduled Ironwood Cup match.  This will ensure that the score cards are available at the final Ironwood Cup Match in the event of a tie.