Bylaws & Standing Rules

ByLaws for Ironwood Cup  (also see Standing Rules below)

IRONWOOD CUP BYLAWS (Revised September 22, 2020)

The basic objective of the Ironwood Cup is to promote fellowship, make new friends and meet golfers from other clubs in the Tucson area. To achieve this goal, all clubs will include women golfers of all ages with varying ability levels using ranges outlined in Bylaw G3. 


The Chair serves for two years.  The Vice Chair is from the next club in the rotation.  The rotation is as follows:  The Gallery, The Highlands at Dove Mountain, Starr Pass, Arizona National, Skyline Country Club, MountainView/The Preserve, and The Golf Club at Dove Mountain.  

Responsibilities include:

  • Communicate with each club to establish play dates and tee times for the Ironwood season and provide this information to all Team Coordinators and Golf Pros.  This schedule should be finalized at the end of the current season at a formal meeting of current and/or succeeding Coordinators.
  • Notify all Coordinators and Golf Pros of changes in USGA Rules and Regulations, Ironwood Bylaws and Standing Rules.
  • Meet with Coordinators at the end of the playing season.  The Chair may schedule additional meetings at her discretion or at the request of a Coordinator(s).
  • Use the mathematical model created for Ironwood to determine team matches for the new season.
  • Maintain the Ironwood Administrative Account funded by any excess fees from any club event and used to pay administrative costs.  If extra funds are required, the Chair will describe the need. The Coordinators will be asked to approve the assessment.  If approved, each Club will be required to pay a portion of the required amount.


The Vice-Chair will be represented by the next club in the rotation schedule and will assume the Chair position at the end of her two-year term.  She shares duties and responsibilities with the Chair and carries out tasks as requested.

C. TEAM COORDINATOR: Each club must have a Team Coordinator(s). 

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend the Coordinator meetings or send a representative.
  • Assemble the club’s team for each event.
  • Inform team members of play dates, times, entry fee, rules and directions to the host club.
  • Using the roster template provided by the Host Coordinator, list the names of Team players with USGA indexes and GHIN numbers. Index date will be decided by the Host Club and stated on the Host’s Ironwood Invitation.  The Index date MAYNOT BE CHANGED except by the Host Club.  Every effort should be made to assign players within the established flight index limits.  Refer to Bylaw G3.
  • On the day of the event, provide one check for her team made out to the Host Club as requested in the invitation.
  • Verify correctness of Team scorecards before the start of play.


Responsibilities include:

  • Provide the Golf Pro with a copy of the CURRENT Ironwood Standing Rules and Bylaws which provide important information regarding the event including allocation of prize money, Index limitations by flight and more. 
  • Two to three weeks prior to the Ironwood event, send an invitation to Team Coordinators providing the course slope and rating, directions to the club, verifying the shotgun start time, and indicating the date by which she needs to receive player roster.  Include blank roster template for use in submitting club players including GHIN #, handicap index and course handicap (available on the website or from the Ironwood Chair). 
  • Acknowledge receipt of player lists. 
  • Plan the event luncheon including any special diet requests.
  • Provide player lists with indexes and GHIN numbers to the Host Golf Pro.
  • On event day provide a check-in area with scorecards, pairings sheet, local rules and other pertinent information.
  • Verify PLAYER INDEXES and SCORECARD DATA.  Email final team rosters with GHIN number, handicap index and course handicap for each player to Team Coordinators a day or two prior to the competition.  Use the Final Results Template (available on the website or from the Ironwood Chair) to share this information.
  • Within two days of hosting Ironwood Cup, send Team Coordinators the results of the matches including the points won by each club using the Final Results template.
  • All scorecards from each event MUST BE in the hands of the Ironwood Chair before or at the next match.  Cards will be used to determine Trophy Award winner if there is a tie.  See #11 below.
  • Provide a breakdown of all costs associated with the Ironwood event’s $70 entry fee. Included is the $13.35/person for prize money payouts. This data will be evaluated at the end of each season to determine if any increase in entry fee is necessary. 

 SPECIAL NOTE:  Food providers for each club are responsible for following restaurant/dining restrictions for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Responsibilities include:

  • Prepare cart signs, scorecards with names, handicaps and appropriate strokes and pairings sheets for the check-in table.
  • Prepare merchandise certificates to be awarded to the winners after the match.  Pro Shop certificates should be ready to be used immediately after play. If not available, the certificates may be sent to the Club Coordinator for distribution.
  • Provide a review of Team Standings at the event LUNCHEON showing match results and accumulated team points.
  • If necessary, send a check for any excess funds to the Ironwood Chair to be held in an account by her. At the end of her term, she will turn the funds, if any, over to the new Chair.  (See address on the Team Coordinator page of the website.)
  • If a rules problem arises before or during the match, the Host Club Pro will provide the ruling.
  • Determine if play should be discontinued due to playing conditions such as inclement weather and if play can be resumed that day.

The Chair, Vice Chair or Club Coordinator(s) present will convene for discussion if problems occur that are not covered by the Bylaws and/or Standing Rules and are not related to USGA Rules of Play or Rules of Handicapping. The Director of Golf and/or the Head Golf Professional may be consulted.


1. MEMBERSHIP:  The Ironwood Cup shall consist of an uneven number of clubs, with a maximum of seven (7) clubs.  The host club does not compete in the match.

  • In the event of a Club resignation and a replacement Club cannot be found resulting in an even number of clubs, the Host Club will play in the match.
  • No Club having participated in the Ironwood Cup for less than two years and who resigned will be considered as a replacement.
  • If the course is deemed playable, all competitors are expected to play their matches. Under 3.2(b), players may not concede holes to deliberately shorten a match.  If this occurs, the team(s) will be disqualified and no points awarded (Rule 1.3(b).
  • For scoring purposes, if the event is cancelled by the Host Club and cannot resume that day, the holes not completed will be halved between the foursomes to determine points.

2. TOTAL PLAYERS:  All events will consist of not more than six (6) players from each club:  two (2) players for each of the three (3) flights.  One player may represent a team for all or any part of the match. An absent partner may join a match between holes, but not during the play of a hole.

3. INDEX:  There will be a maximum index limit of 30.0.    There will be three (3) flights: A, B & C:
                ‘A’ Flight:  0-16.4 indexes

                ‘B’ Flight:  16.5 to 22.5 indexes

                ‘C’ Flight:  22.6 to 30 indexes

If a player’s index is higher than the maximum index for her flight, she will be assigned the maximum index for that flight.  Example: a player assigned to “A” Flight with a 20.0 index would be assigned a 16.4 index maximum for the Flight.  If a player has a lower index for the Flight, she will play to her index.  Example:  15.0 index playing in the “B” flight (16.5 to 22.5) would play to her 15.0 index.  Players will be paired in INDEX order. 

4. FORMAT:  Four-Ball Match Play:

Handicap strokes are determined by the player with the LOWEST HANDICAP who receives zero (0) handicap strokes.   For the remaining three competitors, the lowest handicap is subtracted from each handicap.  For example: your handicap is 16 and the scratch player’s is 10. Ten will be subtracted from 16 and leave you with six (6) handicap strokes.

Eighteen (18) total points are contested in each match.   Lowest NET score wins the hole receiving one (1) point for that team.  If tied, a ½ point is scored for each team.  Points for each foursome must total 18 at end of play. 

In the event of a tie in points for prize money, the method used to break the tie is as follows:  TOTAL back nine points won.  If still tied, then the points  won on the LAST six holes on back nine; then points won on the LAST three holes on back nine; then the points won on the 18th hole; then begin with the #1 handicap hole and continue till tie is broken.  

5.  TEES:  Each club may set tees at the Golf Pro’s discretion, with a minimum of 5,000 yards.  Tee boxes should be user-friendly for all levels of players, with a recommended carry of no more than 100 yards. Tees must be approved and course rated as specified by AGA and listed in the GHIN handicap system.

NOTE: If it is decided to change the tee yardages for the event and the change is equal to plus or minus 100 yards or less, it is not necessary to alter the slope and rating of the course (AGA recommendation).


  • Host Club’s Golf Pro or Team Coordinator will call all other Golf Pros and Team Coordinators as early as possible to cancel if the course is deemed unplayable.          
  • Club Pro will determine if play should cease during inclement weather and if play WILL be resumed or rescheduled.
  • For scoring purposes, if the event cannot be resumed that day or rescheduled, the holes not completed will be halved between the foursomes to determine points.  
  • Prize money will be awarded only if at least 14 holes are completed by each competitor. This is the minimum number of holes required to post a score.  If fewer than 14 holes are played, prize money portion of the entry fee will be refunded.
  • There will be no refund for all other fees if play is cancelled after starting. There will be no refund if the club is unable to cancel luncheon arrangements.


If a team does not arrive for play, their opponents, for scoring purposes, must play against par for the course using 90% of their handicap.  Using one net better ball, one point will be awarded for beating par and a ½ point for a tie.

However, the team cannot be awarded more points than the highest number of points won by any other team in their flight.  Those points will be applied to the cumulative overall team total for the Ironwood Trophy

Example:  The uncontested team scores 14 points against the course (par) using 90% of their course handicaps.  Currently this team is in first place in the flight.  The second place team (who played an actual opponent) scores 11 points.  The first place team in this flight will be able to contribute only 11 points for their club toward the Ironwood Trophy total points.


a. If a competing club is unable to field a full team for any reason, the expectation is that the Host Club will receive the entire entry fee (see Standing Rules “Entry Fee”).  The Host Club will decide if any part of the fee may be waived or refunded, excluding prize money.

b. Each club must cover the prize fund: $13.35 per player for SIX (6) players regardless of the number of players competing. 

Note:  In March of 2020, all clubs were contacted re: their position on refunding any part of the Ironwood fee.  The results were:  five (5) clubs would consider refunding the golf portion of the fee; one (1) club would refund no part of the fee; and one (1) club would refund only a portion of the fee with one week’s notice.


a. For the sake of pace of play, it is recommended that a shotgun start with “C” flight followed by “B” and “A” flight from the same Clubs OR “A” flights, followed by “B”, then “C” flights.

b. Each Host Club must inform competitors of any club rules regarding “Pace of Play” or local rules.

c. Each Host Club must inform competitors of any special rules of play for the day; for example: Cart Path Only, Lift, Clean and Place, and the like.

d. All competitors MUST abide by Host Club rules. Disqualification may be invoked if any competitor does not follow the Club’s rules.

                    See also Standing Rules, Item C. Pace of Play.

The Tuller Trophy will be awarded to the Club with the greatest number of total points at the end of the season. In the event of a tie, the scorecard for the matches between the two clubs will be reviewed as follows:

  • COMPARE TOTAL POINTS for the match between the tied clubs
  • IF STILL TIED, TOTAL POINTS for the LAST SIX HOLES on the back nine. 
  • IF STILL TIED, TOTAL POINTS for the LAST THREE HOLES on the back nine. 
  • IF STILL TIED, POINTS FOR THE 18TH HOLE, THEN THE #1 HANDICAP HOLE, ETC. continuing until the tie is broken (USGA rules).






Prior to the first Ironwood event, the player must designate the club she will represent for the current season.


$70.00/player:  Includes golf fees, cart fees, range balls, lunch (if applicable) and prize money.  If a club does not use all $70 for these expenses, the remaining money will be sent to the Chair to be held in the Ironwood Cup Administrative Fund.  Address is on the current coordinators sheet.  Each competitor will provide her Club Coordinator with $70 by check of in cash.  Club Coordinator will provide one check made out to the Host Club for the Team Entry Fee (6 x $70 = $420).

Breakdown of the $70 Entry Fee:  $13.35 for prize money and $56.65 for everything else.

Payouts will be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each flight awarded as merchandise certificates from the host club:

    1st Place    50% ($240) of prize money – $40 per player per flight
   2nd Place   30% ($140) of prize money – $25 per player per flight
   3rd Place   20% ($100) of prize money – $15 per player per flight                                100%  = ($480) 

Ties for prize money will be broken by scorecard playoff.  The method used will be back nine points won.   If still tied, points won on back six holes; then points won on back three holes, etc., as stipulated in the Bylaws (USGA recommendation).

NOTE:  See Bylaws #8.   LATE CANCELLATIONS/PLAYER SHORTAGES re refund of any portion of the Ironwood fee.


  1. A team keeping opponents waiting at the tee box more than five (5)minutes loses the hole. Both teams then move on to the next hole. A Team may be represented by one player (Rule 30-3) for all or any part of a match.  An absent partner may join a match between holes, but not during the play of a hole.
  2. A discretionary allowance on time may be made for arriving late.
  3. When NET points have been decided on any holeNO ADDITIONAL STROKES SHALL BE PLAYED.
  4. If the player’s ball WILL NOT count for the team or if she is out of the hole, she should PICK UP TO SPEED THE PACE OF PLAYThe most likely score for her for the hole, not to exceed her Maximum (Par + 2 Strokes + HDCP Pops if any) should be posted.
  5. The foursome may be asked to pick up pace of play if it is over the allotted time designated by the course and is 15 or more minutes behind the group ahead.  Two warnings regarding slow play will be allowed.  At the third warning, there will be advice regarding pace of play.  The foursome may be asked to skip the next hole.  If so, each side will be awarded ½ point for the hole not played.  For scoring purposes, each player will post par plus any handicap strokes allowed for the skipped hole.
  6. Playing Out of Turn: In Match Play, fellow competitors may agree to play out turn in a safe and responsible way to help pace of play.


When a Hole Is Started but Player Does Not Hole Out

There are various circumstances that might result in a player starting a hole but not holing out. For example:
– The result of the hole has already been decided.
– A hole has been conceded in match play.
– A player’s partner has already posted a better score in Four-Ball format and the player picks up.
– A player has already reached the net double bogey limit on a specific hole.
– When a player starts a hole but does not hole out for a valid reason, the player must record the most likely score is:  The number of strokes already taken to reach a position on a hole, plus the number of strokes the player would most likely require to complete the hole from that position, plus any penalty strokes incurred during play of the hole.

D. GPS Yardage Devices

Distance-only measuring devices and applications, APPROVED by the USGA, will be allowed during Ironwood matches.  Use of these devices should not affect Pace of Play.  Sharing yardage information with competitors is not considered giving advice.  Therefore, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, if asked, distance information is to be shared with other players.  Any violation will be resolved in accordance with USGA Match Play Rules.


  1. Both teams must agree on the points and scores.
  2. Both teams must sign and attest the scorecards.  (Each team has a master scorecard).
  3. Scores and points are verified by the Host Club Coordinator after the tournament to ensure that the scores, points and standings are accurate before prizes are awarded.


  1. Provides a master scorecard for each two-person team.
  2. Provides marshal(s) to keep play moving.
  3. Recruits spotters from her club for appropriate holes to improve pace of play.
  4. Email the Coordinators “Final Results” within 48 hours following the match. Use the Template available on the website or request from IW Chair.  Include the following data:
    a) Club Name and Team Competitors by flight
    b) All 36 scores and all points earned by each team
    c) Updated Standings for each Club (Template available on the website or from the IW Chair)
    d) List of prize money winners by flight and club. May be included as part of “Final Results” document.

Save all scorecards from the event and return to IW Chair no later than the next IW event. The cards will be used to determine the Trophy winner in the event of a tie. Host Club Coordinator designee must bring the scorecards to the next Ironwood Cup Match and give the cards to the Ironwood Cup Chair or a member of her team.  She will keep the cards until the end of the season and use to break a tie if necessary (BYLAW 10).


  1. Ensure that players are educated in match play rules, procedures and etiquette, i.e., when to pick up the ball on the putting green, when to concede a hole, how to score a hole not completed. etc.
  2. Each Club Coordinator or her designee will make certain that all scores for the event are posted within 48 hours of the play Scores will be posted as an Away (A) score.