The Ironwood Cup

Ironwood Cup Trophy

The Ironwood Cup History

The Ironwood Cup is a Net Match Play competition. The league began in 1999 with five Clubs participating – The Gallery, Arizona National, Starr Pass, The Highlands at Dove Mountain and El Conquistador. Today the seven clubs shown below all participate in this season long competition.

  • The Highlands at Dove Mountain
  • The Gallery
  • Mountain View/The Preserve
  • The Golf Club  at Dove Mountain
  • Arizona National
  • Starr Pass
  • Skyline Country Club

Current Standings after second play day

The Highlands at Dove Mountain 61.5 points
The Gallery Golf Club 53.5 points
Arizona National 51.5 points
The Golf Club at Dove Mountain 49.5 points

Results from 12/17/20 Play Day at Arizona National
The Highlands at Dove Mountain    29.5 points
The Gallery                                                      24.5 points
The Golf Club at Dove Mountain      24.5 points
Arizona National                                          29.5 points
Individual Results linked HERE

Results from 11/24/20 Play Day at The Highlands at Dove Mountain
The Highlands at Dove Mountain    32.0 points
The Gallery                                                      29.0 points
The Golf Club at Dove Mountain      25.0 points
Arizona National                                         22.0 points
Individual Results linked HERE

Revised 2020-21 Schedule

Final Results 19-20 Ironwood

Congratulations to The Golf Club at Dove Mountain – Winners of the 2019-20 Season!

Golf Club At Dove Mountain

Revised 20-21 Rep Names and Details

Each Club has a volunteer Team Coordinator who selects players and oversees the Hosting Day at her club.

New Club Info 20-21 with Addresses

We are grateful for the support of the professional staff at our host venues.



The Competition

Each club sends a team of six to play six matches. (The HOST Club does not play.) There are three flights:

  • (A = 0 -16.4 Index)
  • (B = 16.5 – 22.4 Index)
  • (C = 22.5 – 30 and over Index)​​

There are two players in each flight.

Points are awarded based on net play, taking the hole or tying the hole, with a maximum of 18 points per flight; ‘A’ team wins the hole = 1 point, tie = ½ point each, lose = 0.

Season play commences in November and concludes in April. The points accumulate throughout the year; at the end of the season, the Ironwood Cup Trophy is awarded to the Team/Club who has earned the highest number of Team Points. This is a rotating trophy.

Cost: $70 per Match/per player
Includes:  Course Fees, Carts, Lunch, PRIZES and Gratuities.

For more info click on Players’ Resources link above.

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Promoting Fellowship Among Women Golfers

The basic objective of Ironwood Cup play is to make new friends and meet women golfers from other clubs in the Tucson area.  To achieve this goal all clubs are encouraged to include women golfers of all ages and ability levels within the indicated handicap flights.

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